How to Visit and Mountaineer Mount St. John

Mount Saint John is among several mountain summits that make up the Teton Range in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. The mountain is 11,435ft high comprising of a mostly rugged, rocky terrain northwest of Jenny lake. 
Accessing the Mountain 
While at Grand Teton National Park, head to Jenny lake Lodge where the foothill of Mount Saint John is accessible from South East. There are no defined trails to access it, so you have to scramble and maneuver your way to the summit. 
Basic Requirements and Expectation 
Visitors pay $10 for a seven-day permit acquired at the entrance of the park. Visitors are required to bring the permit with them on all consecutive days. Graded as a class 3 by mountaineers, climbing this summit requires less technical skills as you mainly use your hands. Nonetheless, it would be best if you had functional boots due to the unforgiving, underlying rocks. Expect extreme weather conditions at the peak. Watch out for exposed knife-edged ridges while scrambling that may leave you with bruises, pack a pair of gloves. 
History and Scenery 
Historically the mountain and its environs were inhabited by native Indians who used to gather edible roots from this mountainous valley. Mount Saint John has a magnificent ridge-like terrain viewed from afar. Together with other mountain summits, it forms a cluster that is quite a view to behold. A combination of ice, rocky, conical and pointy peaks provides for a wild and most attractive scene for visitors. The mountain also offers excellent terrain for mountaineers to try out.