Ice Climbing in the Tetons

This ancient valley called Jackson’s Hole is home to some of the country’s best mountaineering and rock climbing routes, and during the winter months it‘s canyons hold, for the more motivated, excellent ice climbing as well. The Tetons also have the benefit of being centrally located near some of the continent’s best ice, with Cody just six hours to the north, and Hyalite only four hours to the north. If you are hankerin’ for roadside venues, Provo canyon is just five hours to the south. Even the spectacular formations of the Canadian Rockies are only fourteen hours north, and Telluride and Ouray just twelve hours south. Teton ice climbs are usually noted for their lengthy approaches and alpine settings. Objective hazards such as avalanches and rockfall are to be anticipated.


Teton Mountaineering tries to monitor the Bridger-Teton National Forest reports for the current winter season if you are interested in glimpsing the snow pack history before heading out, to aid in making your own evaluations. Teton Mountaineering recommends the valley’s best source of weather forecasting, Mountain Weather, so you can get a better idea of current weather conditions heading towards our area. Should you find yourself in need of gear or advice, stop in and see the staff at Teton Mountaineering. Not only do we stock the best outdoor equipment available, we are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable folks in the valley. Hope to see you soon! WARNING! Climbing is a dangerous activity. These are at best very general topos, hopefully useful in getting you to the climbs you seek. Users of these topos must be responsible for learning all the techniques required to climb the particular route they have chosen. Due to changing conditions, these topos may not accurately reflect a particular climb in prevailing conditions. It is up to you to make all the necessary decisions based on information you have about the route and conditions at hand. This guide is not a substitute for experience or good judgement.