How to Visit and Mountaineer Thor Peak

Thor Peak is a mountain in the Teton range that sits to the west of Mount Moran. While this isn’t a popular attraction for Mountaineers, the peak is known as an underrated gem to most people who have conquered the mountain. The elevation of the mountain is 12,028 feet, making it the 12th highest peak in the Teton range. It was first ascended in 1930. Some climbers get frustrated when visiting the Teton range because of the popularity surrounding the mountains. Mount Thor a perfect remedy for Mountaineers who are hoping for a more isolated climb. 
How to Find Mount Thor 
Access to Mount Thor comes through Leigh Canyon, which is about a mile and a half from the campsites at the shore of String Lake. It takes over an hour to kayak through the lake, and the only way to sidestep paddling is through going on a challenging hike. Once you finish paddling, you’ll find yourself directly at the mouth of the canyon. From there, there’s a faint trail you can follow through the north side of the creek until you reach Laughing Lion Falls. Continue through the valley until you hit Mount Thor 
Climbing Mount Thor 
Mount Thor is one of the more challenging climbs in the Teton range. Details around climbing Mount Thor are scarce. If you’re hoping to conquer this summit, pick up the book titled “A Climber’s Guide to the Teton Range” to guide you. 
Required Gear 
Thor Mountain has semi-permanent snow, and an ice climb is usually required. Therefore you’ll need hiking gear, ice climbing gear, and camping gear to finish the summit. 
If you’re planning on conquering Mount Thor, it’ll be best to camp overnight. Acquiring a camping permit is easy, but the park gives out camping permits on a first-come, first-served basis.